from the bayou to hollywood + beyond

Emily has produced two award-winning short films, GRANDE DRIP (a romantic comedy) and KNIGHT TO D7 (a drama).  Each film has been accepted to prominent film festivals including Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, AFI Dallas and Heartland and have received distribution deals.  GRANDE DRIP won 3 "Best Short" awards and KNIGHT TO D7 has garnered the support of the Livestrong Organization for its message about the fight against cancer.


A young man strolls into a bustling café every morning to buy a cup of Joe, the only thing is, he doesn't drink coffee-he's just enamored with the girl behind the counter. Unable to muster the courage to woo his love, an unlikely hero comes to the rescue in the form of an eccentric homeless man with a heart of gold and a special knack for mending things.

KNIGHT TO d7 (2011) - DRAMA

An extraordinary story of sacrifice that takes place one ordinary afternoon when Dustin Harper visits his longtime friend, Brady Collins. Their ongoing game of chess is brought to a halt when Brady reveals that his continuing battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worst. The only thing harder than saying goodbye will be honoring Brady's last request. 'K2D7' explores the themes of sacrifice, what it really means to be a friend, and the importance of significance over existence.